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Welcome to the Age of Bliss

Click to purchase "The Age of Ananda"Ananda, pronounced aananda with a long a up front, is the innate, abiding bliss of pure consciousness, which is the real and eternal Self behind our body and mind.

Welcome to the web hOMe of the conscious evolution of the human race to its birthright status of Ananda.  The Yoga of Conscious Evolution was taught and practiced in recent times by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and since ancient times by siddhas, rishis, and other highly evolved beings.  The teachings and secrets of this yoga, as broadcast on the Voice of Ananda Channel from SiddhaPuri, the hidden abode of the sages, are transcribed in the The Age of Ananda: Conscious Evolution to the Life Divine. 

You will find here useful maps and guidelines, travel advisories, field reports, and terrain wisdom for this greatest journey of all time, as we ascend from our troubled depths as Homo sapiens to realize the joyous heights of Homo anandicus.  Ananda Pioneers, from aspirants to adepts, are invited to post their comments, questions, and experiences here for the benefit of all travelers on this joyous adventure.

To get your hands on the book and start your own journey of conscious evolution, click on the image above.

As the Rishi of Ananda says in the book, the time has come for us to Live Joyously and Evolve Consciously.  Please do not fasten your seat belts, or tie yourself down in any other way physically or mentally, as you take off on this grand flight of enlightenment and evolution to the Life Divine.  Bon anandic voyage!

Kumar S. Sharma, Ph.D.
Author and Agent: The Age of Ananda

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