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“A tantalizing hint surfaces often in tantric lore: the legendary city of Siddhapuri.  It was an earthly metropolis of the most accomplished yogis, perfectly in oneness with Shiva and masters of astounding supernatural powers.  Siddhapuri was said to exist in the northern regions beyond India…  It has never been found.

“As a fascinating corollary to this legend, there is the fable of Lao Tzu, the Taoist patriarch who recorded the Tao-te-ching.  It is said that Lao Tzu, the archivist of the imperial library, became disenchanted with the intrigue and warfare that ravaged China in the 6th century BCE.  He abandoned his position and journeyed westward to the edge of the Chinese nation, to a final outpost on the Gobi desert, which leads into the Tarkim Basin.  He informed the sentry man that he was going to the abode of the Taoist immortals in the far West.  The guard entreated Lao Tzu to at least give of his wisdom before he left, and thus the Tao-te-ching was recorded.  Lao Tzu rode off into the arid wastelands navigating towards the fastnesses of the immortal Taoist sages.

“Between the Hindu tantric legend and the Taoist fable, the two locations cross either at or above…”

Excerpt from Hindus on the Silk Road II
Hinduism Today, June 1989


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